Wednesday, 7 September 2016

BE FREE - Salvaged Angel

Tall&Slender - from the top of her 'Halo', to the bottom of her 'skates' {rusty casters}, this gal measures FOUR FEET in height! 
A tall gal - perfect for a narrow, empty piece of wall!
 Holding a little Dream Catcher in her hand, with a BUNCH of vintage goodies dangling down - including; 
a Vintage Chandelier Crystal, Clock/Watch Cogs, Silver Feathers {not-vintage}, and a Leather Heart!
Dream Catcher - natural wreath&vintage, crocheted doily!
 Leaving her cares behind, she has little, rusty castors strapped to her feet!
A rusty set of wheels!
 A twisted wire Halo and tart tin crown cap her solid wood head!
Rusty Hinges for Wings!

Enjoy this day!
- Jasmine