Wednesday, 20 April 2011

'Hippity, Hoppity Easter's On Its Way'

I love Easter, it is one of my favourite holidays.  I think it must be because I associate it a fresh new start...and the lilacs will be blooming soon, I LOVE lilacs.  Everyone seems to have an extra 'Spring' in their step this time of year, looking dapper, dressed in their 'Easter Best' (I would show you what my Ma used to do to my sister and I, but that would be embarrasing). For the last few years my extended family (on my dad's side) gets together to celebrate.
(outside of carton-1/2 dozen)
This means, kids, lots of kids (about 30, give or take...fingers crossed for take).  So in order to keep them busy, I decided that this year we would do a simple craft using egg cartons (keeping in mind that Earth Day is on the 22nd- reuse, reduce, recycle).  I have started to created little 'kits', using up some of my scraps, which include all of the parts they will need to construct this creation, hopefully for the most part, without adult supervision. 
(Inside Top - Quote from 'Easter Parade')
(Inside Egg Cups- Rolled Paper Flowers & Assorted Easter Candy)
My thought is that they could gift it to their Mom, Dad...or someone special. 
Now if only I had started sooner.
Wish me luck...and have a Wonderful Easter.


  1. wow! I love this!
    I think it is great for both earth day and easter!
    Im glad easter is one of your fav. times of year! Mine to!
    Your blog is looking even more amazing then befor!
    I didnt know that was possible lol!
    but this is such a cute project!

  2. Wow!!! How creative and clever!!! What a great way to save the earth!!
    Thanks for playing along at scrap it forward!

  3. Amazing idea! I almost always save egg cartons, even though I have nothing to do with them, but this is perfect! I'll definitely do this.

  4. What a great idea... and an awesome way to R/R/R!

  5. Fun project. Great for kids =)

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