Thursday, 28 April 2011

HomeMade Ribbon Rings

Okay, so maybe I'm a little behind on the times, but I have just discovered Ribbon Rings ( Anyway, I was browsing the net and came across a picture of a beautiful scrapbooking room...and there they were. These wonderfully, organized strands of ribbon.  So I found the product and thought, I have to have those...or better yet, I have to figure out a way to make those.  So here is what I came up with. 

*You Will Need:
Binder Rings (Staples- although, I would check your local dollarstore first)
Name Tag/Badge Holders or Sport Card Protectors (Wal-Mart- again, check your local dollarstore)
Utility Knife, Cutting Board & Hole Punch

Cut off the pre-cut holes on the Name Tag/Badge Holder (discard)
You want to be left with 2"(h) of doubled plastic.

Cut the remaining 2"(h)x3.5"(w) piece of plastic in half with your Utility Knife. 
(Leaving you with two pieces measuring 2"(h)x1.75"(w))

Using your Hole Punch, make a hole at the 'top' of each piece of plastic.
(My 'top' is on the seamed edge of the plastic, my hope is that keeping the plastic doubled will make it stronger.)

Take your Utility Knife and cut 3 slits, horizontally, in each piece of plastic (1@1.5", 1@1" and 1@.5") 
(do NOT cut through the sides, your ribbon will go through these silts.)

Thread your ribbon through the piece of plastic and hook onto Binder Ring.
(now find some place to hang)
And your done.

Sorry for the horrible drawings...
If you have any questions, please ask.  I hope I have done an okay job of explaining this.



  1. Good morning, I see alot of people being able to use this.....~Cherrie~

  2. I love this! I can totally put these on my clip it up! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very cool! I did something similar with chipboard that I cut on my cricut but I think your idea is much more durable!

  4. this is awesome! and the drawings are not awful they're fab and super informative =D

  5. Oh good... I was a little worried. Thank you for looking leaving your encouraging comments.

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Thank you for your sweet words...I love each and every one of them <3