Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Why So Coy, Boy?

This is my oldest nephew, Braden...and he is the furthest thing from shy.
  A story.  When Braden was about 3 years of age I took him on the train.  We had about an hour to kill while waiting for our connecting train...well, he decided to pass the time by 'hitting on" on a university student. He went over to the empty seat beside her and filled her in on all of his exciting adventures with 'Buck-O', his stuffed, blue dog & faithful sidekick.  I could see them the whole time and the girl assured me that 'he was fine.' They talked until our train came (yes, the whole 'about an hour'). Later, I asked him why he had done that, to which he replied, "She was pretty, I asked her for her digits (phone number), but she said I was too young."   So you can see why a day like the one pictured above is completely out of the ordinary.  For a moment we wondered why he was being so bashful, but then we decided to enjoy the peace and quiet...which is when he decided to go back to being his normal, crazy self.
Enjoy your day!

*( My Mind's Eye, Tim Holtz, Thickers)


  1. This is just the cuttest! I love that you added the bling on a boy layout. I sometimes struggle with my boy pages. You did a wonderful job.

  2. that story is just the cutest story!! The LO is awesome! Thanks so much for following my blog, I am so happy that I found yours!!

  3. Ohhhh WOW! this LO is AWESOME..Thanks for your Comment on my blog!!


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