Sunday, 1 May 2011

Good Things Come In {Little} Albums

I am tackling my first mini album.
The subject? My niece, nephew(s) and a family friend's Summer Lemonade Stands.

{Flat Scan}
It all started a few years back... my sister, Season, and I wanted to get the kids out of the house... and, more importantly, out of our hair. A week into summer and we're hearing the 'I'm SO BORED, there's nothing to do' whine...I'm sure you know it. So we suggested that they open a lemonade stand.  Now there is something you should know about Sea & I (mainly 'I')...we, I mean I, tend to go a little overboard.  We couldn't just have a 'normal' lemonade stand, you know the kind were you buy frozen lemonade and sit the kids out front at a small table.  No, no, that just wouldn't do. We picked a date, made up a 'menu' of baked goods, bought and/or made some 'lemony' decorations and signs and baked (a lot). The day came, the sun shone, we made sure the kids looked ridiculously cute, sent them outside at 10am and hoped for the best.  They had line-ups, sold out of items, had 3 papers come to take their picture and brought in over $400 (after start up costs-not joking).  After that first year we started to let them have two- one in July and the other in August.  They get to split the profits from one and the other has to go to a charity of their choice.

{cover shots}
*measures 4.5"x8.5", cut from a file folder (Wal-Mart)
I am hoping to have the whole album completed by the end of this week- posting a new 'page' every day. 
I hope you'll come back and take a peek!


  1. LOL I love the title ! Just found your blog and will add to my list :D

  2. What a wonderful thing for them to do. I am sure it will be something they never forget. Off to a great start on this mini......

  3. Fun idea to share a bit at a time! I've looked kind of backwards, but it was still fun!

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