Sunday, 22 May 2011

Yardsale Summary Sundays

Yardsale season is officially upon us in Southwestern Ontario...yeah!
My Ma, Sister, Niece & I headed out yesterday
at what seemed like the 'crack of dawn'.
(8am comes VERY EARLY to a person who doesn't sleep)

I am most content when rummaging through other's 'junk'.
So, on Sundays I am going to blog{brag}of all the
wonderful scrapbooking finds I scooped up.

Here we go.
Two wooden knick-knack shelves{not very old}...
thought they would make a couple of nice Altered Trinket Shelves.
$4/2 {including dust}
Fiskars' rotary cutter {YEAH ME!!} This cuts like butter. $3
14 wooden letter/number blocks {for Altered Trinket Shelves} .25cents 
Vintage Playing Cards .10cents
Stampin' Up Wood Block Stamps
French Script {note price tag $24.95} $5
Set of 4 Patterns $5
Total $17.35
All in all, not a bad morning...
worth getting out early and digging through 'one man's trash'.
Happy Treasure Hunting

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  1. wow those are great buys :) I must make an effort and go searching in yeardsales myself

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