Tuesday, 14 June 2011

If A Picture Can Be Worth A Thousand Words

How the heck do you fit those 1000 words on a layout?
...especially if you have more than one picture and add embellishments. 
Sometimes I give up and will just write the who, what, where, when, and why on the
back, but I find it so much more fun to 'hide' the journaling.

At times, I challenge myself to hide it so well that others do not know it is there.
 This layout was for a Hidden Journaling Challenge on Scrapbook Challenges.


Other times I want the journaling to be very interactive.
The words in the following layout, of my nephews, was written as a story for them.
Braden is at the age where he is excited about reading...especially if Zachie will
sit still long enough to hear a story.

'Grasshopper Hunting'

I find that layouts are just more complete with journaling...especially when the day
comes that I am no longer able to tell the story that goes with the picture.

Happy Scraping!


PS- I apologize for posting layouts that I have had done for sometime...you may even
recognize them from some 'galleries'.  My excuse...when you get nice weather
around here, you take advantage of it. I keep telling myself to bring my scrapbooking
 outside, but... I promise I will get some new layouts/projects up soon.
Thanks for sticking around. JL


  1. I love the hidden journaling on your first layout, it is such a brilliant way of getting heap of journaling on a layout with out taking up the whole page ;)

  2. I love these layouts Jazz & I agree journaling is important for not only remembering the details of the event photographed but the emotion / feeling of the captured moment. Hoping you have a wonderful day, Mom

  3. love the layout and the idea for the journaling! awesome colors and design


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