Thursday, 9 June 2011

It Was {So Very} Good While It Lasted

Never will you meet a person more attached to her {not} shoes.
Sort of like slippers, Sanuks are the most comfortable footwear
that will ever grace your feet. The closest thing to bare feet, I dare say.
{If you have tried them, you know what I am talking about.
If you haven't, you really should} 

When I FINALLY found a store in Canada that sold them {worth the two hour drive},
well let's just say, the skies parted and angels sang.
{Sanuks in The Stanley Cup & Sanuks on Vacay}
Since that glorious day, not a moment has gone by where they have not been with me
{I am not kidding, I practically sleep in them},...until now.

Here is what has happened...
Sassie, my wonderful Westie, had also taken a liking to my {not} shoes.
{see picture}
She would carry one around with her and use it as a pillow...never chewing or tearing.
And I'll admit, I did NOT do anything to stop it because it was NEVER destructive, until...
I came home and found this. Poor, poor Sanuk,...I almost cried and Sassie almost died.
{not really, the dying part that is...the crying part, well}

Sanuk {My Favourite Things}
I was so glad that I had scrapped my favourite pairs,
{yes, all is not lost, I have a couple more pairs}
so I can remember the time we spent together, forever.

Thanks for stopping by...your support is greatly appreciated through this hard time.
{Stop by the Sanuk Website...your feet will thank you!}
Great Days.


  1. Sorry to hear about the demise of your Sanuk "not shoes". Glad to hear you have others to replace them with. I'm sure sweet Sassie will leave them alone.

  2. My children know not to leave shoes outside. as our dog Bernie will eat them. Not long back in our warmer months the kids had a friend over and they where playing on the trampoline and the visiting child left her shoes outside over night. The next morning, my hubby went outside to a very happy dog showing him how he ate this shoe, the poor child on the other hand was devastated.

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