Thursday, 23 June 2011


Quench it with a glass of Fresh Lemonade!

It's time for my niece and nephew's lemonade stand...Every summer they
hold two {very successful} lemonade stands, one for THEIR personal gain
and the other for a Charity of THEIR choice.

We try to treat it like a business- they pay for all
of the supplies, we have 'business meetings' regarding
what to serve, how to price, what hours to run it, when to have it
...they are involved {and have a say} in everything. 
Although it seems like ALOT of ends up being worth it.  They 
will be kept busy the WHOLE DAY!   
Should you live in the neighbourhood, this is the 'flyer'
you would find hanging on your doorknob, inviting you to try
some Fresh Lemonade & Homemade Donuts.
On the back it gives a few menu selections, of course, lemonade
...but limeade and cherry flavour, as well.
Personally, I am looking forward to making the donuts...  No 'plain jane' flavours to be found, the selection includes; Black Forest (stuffed w/cherries, topped w/whipped cream&shaved chocolate), S'more (stuffed w/marshmallow, topped w/chocolate&a sprinkling of graham crumbs),
Peanut Butter & Maple Bacon, Coconut Cream and many more.

They also wanted some 'coupons' to attach to the flyer's
...hopefully to hand out to classmates.

The past year's stands have always been a success...and hopefully, this
year will be no different.  Wish us luck!
{Lemonade Stand from a Past Year}

 Great Days,


  1. What a fun idea! The flyers are adorable and the kids learn the value of hard work. A win-win!

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