Friday, 1 July 2011

A {Little} R&R

Evey year my Sister and I take her children up to the cottage for a vacation.
{Poor Sassie is being left with Grandma {Ma} for the time being...sniffle}
This year we have decided to take the scenic route, which means taking
what is normally a two hour drive and turning it into a five hour 'adventure'. 
I am sure that the time will be filled with scrapbooking moments that I will hopefully
 remember to catch on film...hopefully.
I never take any scrapbooking with me, for this trip {there is just no time},
and I was not organized enough to schedule, I'm taking a {little} more than a week
off from the blogging world.
To my fellow Canadians, HAPPY CANADA DAY!
And to my American Friends and Family, HAPPY 4th OF JULY!
Best wishes for Great Days to all,



  1. Hi Jazz, Happy Canada Day to you. Just thought I'd let you know Sassie enjoyed the day's festivities & actually found the parade at bit boring so she decided to nap during the last half, lol.(Really wished I'd have take my camera to get a photo). Our fireworks display were the best ever! hugs, Ma & Sassie

  2. Love your blog! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations, I am now a follower. :)

    I would love if you stopped by my new craft blog, Made Especially For You.


  3. I hope you have a wonderfull vacation. I like to thank you for the measurment I just recieved by Mail. It's great and I'm overload with idea's how to use it. Thank you so much.

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Thank you for your sweet words...I love each and every one of them <3