Sunday, 17 July 2011


Try as I might, I cannot scrapbook.
It seems as though I haven't a creative bone in my body.
You know, it is extremely frustrating.  I pick a picture, I sit down,
I don't get any further.
I could scream. 
It has been going on for about a month.
I've been poking around other's blogs, trying to get a push, but no...nothing.
I've tried sketches, contests, EVERYTHING.
So, in the end, I am sorry for the lack of posting, know that I am trying- too hard.
If any of you have any secrets, tips, or tricks for how to get out of a funk, please share.
Thanks for your patience.

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  1. Take more pictures...really...go for a walk...getting out into nature can be really inspiring..and then go back to the scrap table and look through the photos and find one that would look good with leaves, vines, greens and blues...just a thought.

    ReplyDelete apologies for the WORD VERIFICATION...I have been getting A LOT of SPAM lately...
Thank you for your sweet words...I love each and every one of them <3