Monday, 19 September 2011

Day Five: An Echo Park Classroom

'The Last Day'
Well, I am finally getting around to posting the final part of our
'Echo Park Classroom'.  I am very sorry for the delay.

This was a very exciting project, something different to work on...
and I think it may have helped snap me out of my 'scrapbooking funk'...hopefully.

Classroom Door - 'Whale of a Time'
This Cricut cartridge {Life's A Beach} was a joy to work with, as was
the Echo Park paper.  The weight of the paper through the machine was perfect.
Very little snagging, tearing or bending...

The Job Board:
Each student has a number {on their desk, books, cubbies...everything}
For example, if you're #3 your job is to make
sure all of the pencils are sharpened.
All of the numbers that are not posted are kept in the handy
library pocket at the bottom right of the board.
The Behaviour Board:
All students start out 'Ready to Learn', and hopefully their day
improves from there {up to 'Good Day'}.  Unfortunately, some move in a
downward manner...but, we all have bad days.
At the end of the day, the students behaviour is recorded and sent home in
their 'HomeWork Book' for their parents to check out.
AR {Acelerated Reader} Points:
Students are encouraged to read books from the acelerated reader program.
Each student has a points goal to reach at the end of each term. 
{Goal is based on each students potential}
Should they reach their goals, rewards are given...usually in the form of ice cream- yum!
'Daily 3'
{for reading, to remind the student of what to do and when}
The Math Wall:
Most of this will be filled in, with the students,
throughout the school year.
A few Math Reminders:
Math Activity Centers:
The groups do different activities at different times.
Math Activities {Close-Up}:
A Welcoming Desk
{name plates finally attached}
The Hallway Bulletin Board:
'Welcome to the Beach'
Sorry for the glare, it's hard to get a good shot when everything is laminated.
On the left-hand side of the picture below, you can see the
trunk of a palm tree that we our haste to finish, I forgot
to snap a picture of the top...I will have to remind Season to get one for me.
They are so cute...about 7 feet tall, made from
carpet rolls and stripped umbrella frames.
'Writer's Reef'
The Social Studies Board:
I would be lying if I said I wasn't extatic when we were done.
...I was exhausted! I am in love with the outcome, though. 
I think it all came together wonderfully.
Hopefully the students enjoy it, maybe it will be a nice oasis
away from the LONG, COLD, MISERABLE Winter that is heading our way!

Thanks SO MUCH to Echo Park for creating such wonderful lines of papers.
If you haven't checked out their lines before, be sure to pop over and give them a look...
To any teachers who may stop in, you should really look at investing in a Cricut.
Initally it is more work to cut out your own bulletin boards, but after you get
two or three themes you are good to go!...and it is MUCH MORE COST EFFECTIVE
than buying pre-cut letters from the local teachers store.

Great Days!
I hope you have enjoyed our classroom project!


{PS- 'Mondays Are For Moms' is cancelled for today...Ma didn't have time to create, due to a
very busy weekend!  Check back next Monday for her latest card.}


  1. Great job girls on a wonderful classroom. Hope everyone ( students & parents ) appreciate all the work, time & love you put into this.

  2. Wow! Makes me miss teaching 2nd grade! Junior highers just don't appreciate any of that! Your room looks FABULOUS! I bet it's the highlight of the school!!

  3. WOW! Impressed, what a lot of work, but so spectacular! The kids are one lucky bunch of kids to have these amazing boards in their classroom! Fabulous!!

  4. Oh my word, what wonderful projects and what a warm and welcoming classroom you created.

  5. beautiful work,hope the kids really enjoy it!tfs

  6. Dang! I'm a teacher and I am exhausted just looking at all that AMAZING work!!
    The other teachers are surely jealous.
    Your sis owes you a lunch or something.

  7. wow... this is amazing... what lucky kids they are xthanks for the supportive words you left on my blog....

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Thank you for your sweet words...I love each and every one of them <3