Friday, 2 December 2011

The Most Adorable, {Little} Snowmen

Snowmen Chocolate Bar Covers
{by Nancy Parker - my very talented Ma}
 Now these are just the most adorable, {little} things... it is just a template, which Ma knows was a freebie, but from where, well, she just can't remember.  The scarves and hats are some material that was purchased at fabricland {the hats are just tied with some embroidery thread}.
Inside each one lies a special treat, a wonderful chocolate bar {a large size}.
Now she did say that there were templates for other treats {tootsie roll banks and smaller chocolate bars}, but just where you find them is a mystery!

Happy Holidays!

***UPDATE*** As you will see in the comments below, my Ma has remembered where she found the adorable snowman template! Check out Laurie Furnell's Blog for some fantastic ideas!!


  1. Hi Jazz, Mom here, guess what I found the sight! I think she has other great ideas there also.

  2. those are super cute! the little hats are the best!

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