Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Do YOU Ever...?

Do you ever finish a layout and HATE IT IMMEDIATELY? Well, that is what happened to me.  I have been working on a layout for this picture {below} for quite some time {just how much, I am embarrassed to say}.
Finally, I thought that I had a design that I liked, so I stuck it all together...and then ripped it all apart. Ugh! That is so frustrating. {I didn't scan the layout I didn't like...I should have, but I didn't}  So, after a couple more hours work I came up with something that I do like...here it is.
'3 Corn Nuts'
This picture was taken on our annual trip to the cottage.  My Sister and I decided that we would take 'the scenic route' {turning a two hour drive into 5 hours...with 3 kids...one being potty trained}, so needless to say, Season {my Sis} and I where a little nuts by the end of it.  We kept seeing Corncob mailboxes and decided that making the kids look like they were taking a bite of it would make a funny picture. {not realizing that the youngest would be a bit short, but...} The story behind my 'disgruntled' nephew {in the background} is that we pulled over on the side of a nice, country road and hopped out of the van, unfortunately, he didn't realize how close the ditch was and jumped into it, while jumping out...He slid down the side of the ditch. I had no idea he had even left the car because the grass was so high, so suddenly this little boy is grabbing at my ankle from the ditch, at first I was very startled...then, I couldn't stop laughing, which then made him start crying.  I had just about composed myself when the poor guy choked out 'I lost my shoes'...my laughter started again. {I am laughing now while thinking about it...oh boy!}

Wishing you Great {laughter-filled} Days!


  1. Love this. That picture is great.

  2. LOL, sounds like a memory day to me!!! Love drives in the country!!!! I love this layout, your design is just awesome!!! Hugs, Karen

  3. Cute - the ditch story is so funny.

  4. Yes, I redo my layouts all the time! It'd be interesting to see what you threw away too. It's always fascinating to me to see others' thought process.

  5. ROFLOL! I LOVE the ditch story! I've made my own kids cry by laughing about unfortunate occurrences in their lives, too! Sometimes when your the "ditch-ee" you don't see the humor, I guess! I had to laugh reading the story, too! :) Thanks! :) Poor nephew...


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