Sunday, 26 February 2012

Happy Birthday to My Dear Ma!

Happy Birthday to the world's most wonderful Ma! {Nancy Parker} For her birthday this year Season {my sister} and I are taking her overnight to ScrapFest, in Kitchener, Ontario! She will be thrilled {she finds out today!} I made her card and wanted it to resemble a suitcase, so she would know to 'pack her bags'. I have been feeling a little 'under the weather', so I googled 'suitcase cards' and you wouldn't believe the amount of amazing pieces of art that flashed across my screen, but I found one I LOVED and here is my crack at it!
'Pack Your Bags'
{my card}
My card has been made from a file folder, which, using my blending tool, I distress inked with Walnut Stain.  The pearls came from the {new} dollarstore, the twine from my garden supplies and I used stamps for some embellishment.  The card I scraplifted {almost exactly...sorry, like I said, feeling {more than a little} under the weather}, Suitcase Card by mummagina , is amazing!  {I tried to post a picture here, but couldn't get it too work, and unfortunately, I couldn't find any contact information}.  So, Mummagina, if you happen across this post, a BIG THANK YOU for your inspiring work.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday!
If you so feel moved, please stop by My Ma's Place and leave her some BIRTHDAY LOVE!
{my Mom & Zachie!}
Happy Days, All!



  1. I loved you card and that photo of your mom and Zachie, is ADORABLE!!!! I love everything about it! Love Penny

  2. Thanks for the lovely surprise Jazz. can't wait to go! I have to say that photo brings such a smile to my was so fun to see Zachie's reaction to me.

  3. Great card! What a fun mom you have!

  4. Your card is awesome.
    So sweet of you to take your mom to Scrapfest, sigh.
    I love the photo of your mom dressed like a clown, she looks like fun :)

  5. Great card! so unique and special, I am sure your ma will love it! Love that pic too. :)

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