Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What Was I Thinking?

Due to some Bathroom Renovations I have been spending MUCH more time at my Parent's House, and trust me, TWO SCRAPPERS in one household just doesn't add I decided that my Ma and I should have a {little}, friendly, Scrappy competition!

{1}We would be given 4 pieces of paper to write down elements the {completed} card MUST HAVE
{2}From these {combined} 8 elements we would blindly pick 3 each {for a combined total of 6}
{3}We had 20, um, 30 minutes to complete the card {complete means including all the elements picked}
{Mom will tell you I PLEADED for another 10 minutes...but that is just NOT the case, I simply was being a gracious competitor and ASKED HER if she needed more time...she said 'YES!YES!'...just wanted to clear that up.}
{4} Dan, my step-dad, would pick the WINNING card

Should a card NOT be completed in the allotted time limit - DISQUALIFIED
Should a card NOT contain all 6 elements - DISQUALIFIED

A Brad
An Embellishment
A Circle
A Die Cut
2 Patterned Papers
A Stamp

So we started, scrambled and scrapped {...and startled Sassie}! Thirty minutes FLIES by quite quickly! Ma had her card finished with about 6 minutes to, well, it came right down to the wire, trust me, it was a real nail bitter!  When I wiped the sweat from my brow and breathed a sigh of relief, my {'non-competitive' - yeah right} Ma came over to check out my card... and she quickly pointed out it sported NO DIE CUT!  In my mad dash to the finish line I had forgot to stick it on, UGH! So, as the rules state, I was DISQUALIFIED!  So, CONGRATS to my Ma, who made the WINNING CARD...I'll get you next time!

...I had to add that darn circle...that cost me the win...ugh! {haha}

Happy Scrapping!


  1. What a fun contest. You made the most of your time together and got everyone involved. I love it! Love your creation, too!

  2. so fun! love what you came up with :)

  3. I'm ready & more than willing to go at it again Jazz, it was a blast!!!

  4. love the card - I must find a tutorial to make the easel cards- love them

  5. That sounds like such fun! I spend hours crafting with my mother also, but she's not competitive. I can only imagine the chaos of a "friendly" competition in 30 minutes! Great card by the way! Love the little stars!

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