Friday, 16 November 2012

Please Shine Down on Me!

Where oh where does the time go? So much has been happening over the last while that time is just FLYING by...whew!
{A Couple of} Shady Characters
{side shot}
Over the summer President's Choice {PC} had the Summer BBQ Tour - you voted for your community and if you won {which our city did!!!}, PC would throw a city-wide BBQ, complete with Bob Blummer {Food Network} and a HEDLEY concert! Plus, the whole thing was FREE!!! {whoo hoo!}  So, my Ma, niece and youngest nephew packed up, waited {a while} in line, GOT FREE SUNGLASSES...and had a GREAT TIME! There was a TON of food, a TON of people...and a TON of FUN things to do!!!
Here are a few more pics of the day...{which have been place in an envelope, attached to the back of the above layout!}
{waiting in line...getting closer!}
{getting THE MOST AMAZING balloon creations}
{becoming addicted to PC's AMAZING ice cream sandwiches}
{Gramma liked them too!}
{eating again - he really is a bottomless pit}
{food, food...WE LOVE FOOD!}
{A LOT of FOOD! YUM-O!!}
{Police Patrolled...check out the SHADES!}
{and on our way out...}
 {Back of layout- extra picture storage!}



  1. So loved how you used the sunglasses. Great layout.

  2. Great layout with the glasses, looks like a fun day :)

  3. I love the layout theme with the shades. Too cute and it looked like a fun day.

  4. Great layout Jazz. It was a fun day & the kidlets were so well behaved, that made it even better!

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