Monday, 5 November 2012

Starting Young & Taking It To A Whole New Level!

My youngest nephew, Zood, LOVES to draw...on any piece of paper he can find, which is both good and bad {bad when it's an important piece of paper, but fantastic when there are little bursts of creativity on grocery lists, to do lists, random envelopes...}.
Anyway, he had drawn me two very special little guys a while ago
Aren't they an adorable mess! I LOVE them! Anyway, while chatting with an online Scrappy Friend, she mentioned that she had turned one of her son's {wonderful} creations into a SMALL STUFFY! So, I asked her if she would be interested in doing these two for me {for a small fee} and she agreed!
I had a hard time getting a picture due to the fact that Zood keeps them with him at most times! I can't tell you how excited he was to receive them, they even travelled with him to Show&Share at school!
Thank you, Allison!

To see Allison's amazing work head to Orange You Glad Daily!
Happy Days!

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  1. Such a fun idea & a wonderful, very personal keepsake! They turned out great.

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