Friday, 15 February 2013

A {Late} Valentine!

...only a day late, better late than never...right? So, this year I decided to make my niece and nephew's Valentines that they would give out to their classmates and teachers.  Really it was just an excuse to make all of the adorable Valentine's projects I had been 'pinning' on Pinterest!

For the nephew's BUCK-O {grade 4} and ZOODLE {SK}
A FANTASTIC {and FREE} download {HERE} - just sent it to the printers, cut them up, attached them to paper with hearts all over it {not pictured} to make them into pockets and inserted the Pop Rocks!
 For BELLIE {grade 6}
And another FANTASTIC... or should I say FAN{tache}TIC VALENTINE - sent again, to my wonderful printer's {All Kindz of Copies}.  Then I just slid them through the cutter...Bellie just laid them on the desks and put the suckers on top! {EASY!}
...And for the TEACHERS!
These we so much fun to make - I made the cake plates by gluing {E600} old glasses, tea cups and other thrift store finds to small plates or saucers.  Once dry {24hours} I spray painted them a pretty pink colour {Liquitex - such pretty colours!}, added a doily, some NOT homemade brownies {I have been a bit under the weather...give me a break - lol} and the SHOOTING FOR BROWNIE POINTS printable {$1.29}
A quick wrap in some cellophane...and delivered to the teacher's desk just in time for a Great Valentine's Day!
So, now I guess I had better find some fun Easter Projects!!!
Great Days, 


  1. Those are gorgeous I bet they were popular at school :)

  2. Wonderful Valentines! I hope you've had a great Valentine's Day!

  3. These are so much fun! I love the clever sayings!

  4. Wow, so nice! I am sure they all loved these specially made Valentine's!

  5. I'm surprised that you found Pop-Rocks! I haven't seen them much around here anymore. I love the brownie treats and labels! Very cute!

  6. Wonderful projects --all of them.

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