Wednesday, 31 August 2016

{And Another} Salvaged 'Junk' Angel

Well, the first one SOLD! so quickly... and I had requests from some lovely people to make more... SO, here she is "Shining Brightly"
She measures a wonderful 43" - from the top of her halo to the tip of her toes!
 Reclaimed Architectural Findings, Hardware, Kitchenware, and more have been pieced together to make this sweet Angel up! 
Little Angel Wings
 Her Skirt is half of a globe, which has been lined with scraps of vintage lace and bits of material

A gathering of goodies
 Grasped in her 'hand' is a grouping of mixed items, such as; a Mixed Media Domino, Chandelier Crystals, Teeny-Tiny Light Bulbs, and a Turquoise Leather Heart

Also Shining Brightly are Rusty Metal Stars strung together on rusty wire!
A fun piece to make! 

Enjoy this day! 
- Jasmine

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