Sunday, 17 April 2011

It's A Process

...and it normally starts with a picture.
After that I decide what colour scheme I want to go with and what cardstock I to use for the back (in this case My Mind's Eye Stell&Rose, 'Hattie' "Remember" Roses).  I cut it down to size (8.5x8.5) and then I sketch.  Now, let me warn you, this isn't always pretty.
I pull out every scrap of paper that I have that will match the chosen colour scheme. (EVERYONE) Then I weed those down to the papers I will use...and can fit. I pull out embellishments, think of my title, and hand write any journaling. (It's a thing, I have to write it first- even this, I hand-wrote it first.)
Now the fun can begin, cutting, laying it all out, distressing, laying it all out, inking, laying it all out, typing my jounaling, laying it out...getting the picture... I know, it's odd. Finally after laying it out about 10-20 more times, I can stick it all down. (I operate under 'measure fifteen hundred times; cut once.') And after about 5-6 hours (from start to finish)...
Voila! The finished product!
Phew, I'm tired.
Thanks for looking.


  1. I follow the same strategy you do. I measure a bunch of times and THEN cut. LOL I think your layout turned out wonderfully! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I'm a new follower now!

  2. Thanks for sharing your process...I've been wanting to try scrapbooking but never know where to start! Your layout is fantastic and it's obvious that you but a lot of thought into the design! Thanks for joining us at Paper Issues!

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