Saturday, 16 April 2011

There's Always Something New to Learn

...especially when it comes to Scrapbooking.
I love misting sprays, I feel they kick my pages up a notch. I found I was buying quite a few and going through those rather when I heard about making Misting Sprays on the forum, I quickly went about finding a 'recipe' at and am now addicted to making every colour under the sun.
1. Mini Mister Bottle- fill 3/4 full with water.
2. Add a small amount of Perfect Pearls (I use the tip of a letter opener to do this)
3. Add a few drops of Re-Inker, until you get your desired colour. (or try plain, old Club House liquid food colouring)
Now shake it up really good...and you're done.
I decided to make 'Recipe Cards' for each colour made. (typed the amount and colour of each 'ingredient', plus gave the card a little spritz of the colour.) This way I can recreate any of the colours.  For the $10 that I paid for materials, I think I should get approximately 20 bottles of spray. (give or take)

If you have any ideas or suggestions for making your own supplies, embellishments or ANYTHING scrapbook related...share the wealth...
Thanks for looking.


  1. Great idea!! and so much more cheaper and versatile than the manufactured ones. Love the idea of recipe cards showing ur colours!

  2. Wow Great Idea better than buying new bottles :)
    TFS this tut!

  3. I have done this and made a ton of colors. And the perfect pearls makes a ton of refills.

    Great job with the Recipe cards.


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