Thursday, 19 May 2011

How Do You Measure Up?

Yesterday, my Ma hands me a garbage bag.
You know the saying 'one {wo}man's trash is another {wo}man's treasure...',
Well, inside that bag was a whack of old measuring tape.
(and I do mean a whack, a few at 165'each)
I had just bought one which I used on my
Altered Tray of Curiosities and loved the look.
So, to celebrate my good fortune, I am offering 1 length each (9') to the
first 5 people who leave a comment on this post.
{you must already be a member...or join, we like new people}

Is it sad that a bag of 'garbage' can get me so excited?
Thanks Ma!

Good-luck Alanna&Braden at Track & Field, I hope the rain holds
off and that Sassie and I will be there to watch you!
I know you will both do GREAT!
Love Aunt Jazzie


  1. I just become a member of your blog, I really like your style. What a great mom do you have, she really recognise treasures! Love the measuretape. Oh imagine all the great things you can use them for (my imagination is making overtime right now).

  2. Those are super cool! I would be excited too! Funny how just some little bits and baubles can get crafters so excited!

  3. lol.....some of the oddest things make the BEST gifts!!

  4. You are SO friggin' lucky, love those so much! I'm a new follower, lol!

  5. Hey I'm new here...very cool treasure!

  6. Ok, you five will be sent a piece (9')...if you haven't heard from me (by email) and see this comment, please send me your mailing info at For those of you that didn't make the top five...leave a message, who knows, I may give out more for good measure.
    Great days- Jasmine

  7. I love that photo! How lucky for you to have such a thoughtful mum!

  8. you are so lucky! i just saw a post for making a braclet with these! i will find it and send it to you!!!

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