Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Please Turn To

 ...pages three and four.
 Today I have started a love/hate relationship with my mini.
My normal scrapbooking pages tend to be 'nicely cluttered'
(as my sister would say).
I'll admit, I try to jam a lot onto one page,
and with these small pages that has become no easy task.

 So far,I am happy with what I've completed,
hopefully I will feel the same come the end of the week.

Thanks for the look.


  1. this is VERY pretty - I just bought that alpha! I love what you did her ... going to check out the rest of the book!

  2. ooh i like what i see so far x

  3. I like all the pages but I think I like this one the best. But I so am a pink girl. Gorgeous page......

  4. And, pink is good, too!!! You are really making me want to do a mini!

  5. nicely done.. thanks for sharing..

    ReplyDelete apologies for the WORD VERIFICATION...I have been getting A LOT of SPAM lately...
Thank you for your sweet words...I love each and every one of them <3