Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Day Four: An Echo Park Classroom

Yesterday we were busy bees.
Most of what we had done has now been put up...
and what we had not started, well, now we have.
{Word Wall}
Okay, I am not sure if I will explain this correctly, but here I go...
The Word Wall is to help the kids begin to recognize {spell, use correctly, etc} difficult words.
{*Note that the letters are NOT spaced at the same distance.  This is because some have more
words than others.}  The words will be added throughout the school year
{I placed some up on the board as an example}.

{Cafe Board}
I am not sure of all the ins and outs of the 'Cafe Board'...
The only thing I really know is that more is added to it throughout the year.

So today I am at home...but by the end of this week
we should be finished.  I guess we really have no choice considering
school starts on TUESDAY! Yikes.

Also, just one last picture.
This is one of the kids and all of the school supplies that they
bought for the United Way, with their lemonade money.
They filled 8 backpacks with all of the needed supplies {for different local schools},
as well as, two extra backpacks...and ALL SORTS of extra supplies!!
We are all VERY PROUD of them!

Thanks for stopping by,
Great Days!


  1. WTG to the kids for their school supplies drive! Good luck with the school year :)

  2. Great job oh the classroom! But even more kudos on your kid's selfless act of kindness!

  3. What an amazing job on the lemonade stall! And your classroom is going to look awesome, just looking over the pictures of everything you have made so far, it's just beautiful!!! Love all the colours and the fresh beach theme!

  4. I LOVE Echo Park! Wonderful job with your classroom, bet the kids really enjoy it!


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