Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Day Two: An Echo Park Classroom

Today we worked on the Math Wall.
First I worked on these Sand Dollars, they will be
used as 'Group Markers' {A,B,C & D}
I am not going to explain the whole board as, quite frankly, I wasn't paying
attention when Sea {my sister} was explaining it to me.
{Left, not lined; Right, lined}
Sand Dollars with their 'Group Markings'.
I have fallen in love with 'SPLASH' from Echo Park,
If you haven't already, I seriously suggest you check them out!

Next I moved on to the 'Activity Titles'.
'Math Lesson' {before}
All of the 'Math Activities' {finished}

We also made matching 'Charms' to let the kids
know who should be at which activity.
So if this is your 'Charm' you should be at "Math Facts".
{I am doing my best to explain it in will all come together once 
we have it up on the Bulletin Boards. Of course, I will post pictures!}
{A few more Charms with matching activities.}

The Cricut cartridge we are working with {Life's A Beach} is FANTASTIC!
Everything is really adorable...and I tend to be a hard sell, but it is really working out perfectly.

Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you'll tell us what you think and continue to
join us on our {little} journey!
Great Days, 


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  1. awesome work,love it the kids will really like these,tfs

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