Friday, 26 August 2011

Day Three: An Echo Park Classroom

Well, if I was being completely honest, today is actually Day Four...
but I am blogging about Day Three.

I HATE laminating day, it just means you have to
re-cut everything out hand.
SOME of our {finished} laminating. 

I started cutting while Season continued to work on the cricut.
Eventually, my hands started to get a bit achy, so I switched and concentrated on
getting a bulletin board {at least one} completed...which I did.

'Treasure Hunt' will be a collection of students' outstanding work,
school assignments that really shine throughout the week will
be mounted under the corresponding subject.
{Treasure Hunt- Laminated}
{Treasure Hunt - Mounted on Bulletin Board}
*Sorry for the horribly blurry picture...Ma, Could I borrow your camera?
{Treasure Hunt-  Close-Ups of Headings}
{Treasure Hunt- A blurry close-up of the Title}

After that was done, I decided to complete the name tags for the students desk.
Using Echo Park's 'Splash' Collection {of course}and the Cricut
Cartridge 'Life's A Beach', we cut out tags for every student.  
Then I put their names on each one using the Alpha Stickers from 'Splash'.
{The Number is an organization thing for 'groups' and 'classroom jobs'}
{Couple of Close-Ups}
After that we went back to Sea's house and got back to cutting...
Most of it is done...and ready to put up.
I am excited to see everything come together.
Great Days, 

{PS- Tomorrow is the kid's charity Lemonade Stand
{for the United Way's Back to School Supplies Drive},
so today we are taking a little time off from
school work and concentrating on Baking.
Wish us Luck!


  1. Wow, what a lot of work!!! Lovely, lovely, can't wait to see the finished boards!

  2. Loving this classroom coming together right before our eyes. I think if there was a contest for the best classroom you guys would win - hands down.
    Back to baking, see you tomorrow.
    ps - yes, you can borrow my camera. luv, Ma

  3. Lucky sister and lucky kids to have such a pretty, well-designed classroom. Wow, that is a lot of trimming of laminate!

  4. WOW. I'm a middle school teacher and although I have a theme for my room (SpongeBob), it is nowhere NEAR as nice as your sister's classroom will be!
    Judging a book by its cover, I think your sister loves her job and loves her students. And I think you love your sister.
    Thanks for sharing and for inspiring!

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Thank you for your sweet words...I love each and every one of them <3