Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Oh the Hats

As I have said, every year for my birthday I get together with my grandparents.
This year we decided to do a tea party, complete with hats.
Now I thought that they would be none-too-excited about this, but it turned
out to be quite the opposite.

{Jasmine Labombard}
{sorry for the blurry scan- but those flowers do look pretty good}
Flowers Close-Up
{not quite as blurry}
Ma and I created all of the hats, so they didn't have to fret about that,
but they did fret {ALOT} about what they would wear, if it would match {their hat},
should they wear gloves {my one grandmother found her mother-in-law's old gloves},
how much jewelry and so on.  All that Ma and I could do was chuckle, shake our heads and say 'this is going to be interesting'.  It turned out to be quite enjoyable {I highly reccommend hosting a tea}. 
We are actually thinking of doing a Christmas Cookie Exchange Tea.

Thanks for looking,
Great Days,


  1. Your page turned out great Jazz. It was a lot of fun & not too much work. The Christmas idea id sounding better all the time. Ma

  2. Oh this page is just too adorable and lovely and full of fun!! I love how you and your Mom made all the hats!! You are such a creative pair! Charming page!!

  3. How wonderful is this. Love those photos and the adorable layout you designed for them.....


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