Friday, 10 February 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

There is always something.  Shannon, one of my best friends, is getting married this coming October! And, since she is not a 'planner', has given me the wonderful task {and I am NOT being sarcastic} of planning her Wedding! I LOVE planning a party...or anything actually that requires a list. So, I have been busy working on a few items to be used at the wedding, right now it has been {100} tiny envelopes...tracing, {hand-cutting}, scoring, folding, taping...and tying into bundles of ten.  These envelopes will be at the 'sign-in table' and will act as the Guest Book.  Wedding Guests will write words of wisdom, advice or love on small tags, which will then be placed inside the envelopes {mounted in a beautiful book}. 
{ordered from MoonScape on Etsy}
The tags {which are not pictured} are being cut from the Cricut.  {So far that is working out well... I am starting to like our Cricut...thank goodness!}  I am also cutting 'blurb' tags, these will be mounted in the book, along with a picture of the people who have written the comment.  {Grandparents, Parents, Siblings, etc...}  The number two, pictured above, is what the table numbers are going to look like.  They were quite simple to make, some paper, a frame from the dollar store, a house number and a little paint!

So far, so good...I think.  Plus, I get to make 'extra trips' to The Paper Pickle for supplies!

Have a GREAT Day!


  1. Sounds like a great alternative to a traditional GB. And so nice of you to do it :)

  2. Great ideas. Your friend is so blessed to have you helping her.

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