Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Happy 26th Anniversary!

'I love you...'
Happy Anniversary wishes to my Ma&Dan! ...yesterday! Okay, so I am one day late on this post, but I have good reason...this card is for my Ma, FROM Dan.  So you see, I couldn't very well post it before she received it, that just wouldn't be right. 
{a different side}
All of the paper {with the exception of the Kraft Paper I used as 'backer'} is Simple Stories - Generation.  Every time I use Simple Stories product I fall more in love...the stuff practically puts itself together...I seriously think I am only around to apply the tape, I think this card {maybe} took a half hour, start to finish {which, when it comes to my card-making capabilities, is unheard of!}
The card simply says 'I love you then&now...forever'.
Best wishes to all for a Great Day!


  1. Thanks Jazz, I love it. Like Dan said when he saw it "That's a Keeper!" Quite the comment considering it came from a guy who doesn't have an artistic bone in his body,lol.
    hugs, Mom

  2. Beautiful! I always get so stumped on card designing. I agree,this one is definitely a keeper!!!

  3. A gorgeous card and yes, that paper is divine!

  4. What a beautiful card. I'm a new follower.

  5. I agree, beautiful card! Its so sweet that you made this for your Dad to give your Mom, I'm sure she really appreciated it.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and join!!

  6. Beautiful & so special. Love it.

  7. Beautiful card! Love the colors!


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