Monday, 10 September 2012

A {Crazy} Canadian Scrapbooker!

Things have been a little NUTS around here, between life, a cold that won't give up and my scrappy supplies EXPLODING EVERYWHERE, I kinda, sorta forgot to post that I have been published in the Fall Edition of CANADIAN SCRAPBOOKER!!!
{here she is in all her Glory}
I am so excited that my girl, Sleepless Beauty, has made the cut...because she was exhausting to make! {original post HERE}
So, if you are a subscriber, look for her on page 118 & 119!



  1. Congrats! She is a truely beautiful piece! That will look awesome with your halloween decor! Thanks for sharing- Amanda

  2. Fabulous project and congrats on getting published!

  3. That is a terrific halloween project. Congrats on being published.

  4. OOOH, I knew it was just a matter of time. This project turned out great. So proud of you Jazz! hugs.

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