Wednesday, 19 September 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

...I am being sarcastic, and let me tell you why! Better yet, let me SHOW you why...
CHICKEN POX...welcome back to school...ugh, so today I will be spending the day with my WONDERFUL NEPHEWS {who I will report are completely PINK {calamine lotion} and in GOOD SPIRITS!}
Today, I am also bringing you a CHRISTMAS {SnowGlobe} Card that I made with the amazing Kreaxion's Circle Cutter!
It was quite simple to make, just simply cut a circle through a patterned paper {trees} and a slightly smaller circle though the base of your card {green cardstock}. Then cut two identical circles out of acetate {slightly larger than the circle cut in your patterned paper} and sandwich some white glitter in between the two layers - adhere together. Attach the acetate 'snow globe' in between the patterned paper and plain cardstock...and done! {I did add another patterned paper to the inside of the card - which you can see through the 'globe'} Then I just finished it off with a few other details, including SNOWFLAKES from Kreaxion's 4in1 Punch 312! {More details and pictures at Just Imagine Crafts}
Happy Scrapping!



  1. What a cute snow globe idea!

  2. Fun card!! Sorry about the chicken pox, how your nephews feel better soon!!

  3. Love the card, but so sorry they have the Chicken Pox. Hope they are better soon!

  4. Boo to the chicken pox, but YAY on that fabulous card! Love it!

  5. Great card, hope everyone feels better soon

  6. I love your snow globe card-I hope your nephews aren't too itchy! We've had a few kids at our school out with it-my boys have been vaccinated but the husband has never had them...

  7. Cute snow globe. And I empathize with you about school and children illnesses. I'm dealing with 2 little ones hear as well!

  8. I had a much younger sister who go chicken pox first.i got mine in high school

  9. Love your Snow Globe card Jasmine. It turned out great!

  10. I hope he's feeling better soon!
    I love the card - VERY cute!

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