Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Time Has Come

...to give my {little} scraproom a face lift! I decided to re-organize my ever-growing stash of scrappy supplies while they are being pulled out of the room, so they can go back in exactly how I want them! I have been busy PINNING amazing storage ideas that I would like to incorporate into my newly organized room...and I have actually started to execute some of these ideas.
I spent last night sorting my scrap paper...and I keep EVERY little snip! 
I came across these wonderful, colour-coded and FREE labels at Yellow Mums blog, had them printed on adhesive paper and attached them to the hanging file folders.
{I added a large 'tab' {that sticks UP} to the file folders by cutting a piece slightly larger than the colour-coded label from an 'extra' file folder}
The files are hanging in a 'rubbermaid-style', clear box and should travel quite easily {to crops, vacations and such!} I then filled it, to the max, with my multitude of SCRAPS - and when I was finished, decided I will be splitting these files between TWO boxes!
I will be making a couple of 'extra' labels for multi-coloured paper, packaging and natural...all in all, I am extremely happy with the outcome!

NEXT, I pulled out my BLING and used an idea that came from a 'scrappy friend' on the SB.com Forum {topic SCRAPROOM QUESTION}.  I cut 2.5" x 3.5" {baseball card size} pieces of cardstock to match the colour of bling and then slide them both {matching bling and cardstock} into the baseball card protector {in a binder}.  This way, my rhinestones will stay attached to their plastic sheet AND it will be easy to find the colour I am looking for, just by looking at the colour of cardstock!

I also tidied my RIBBON stash by cutting some chipboard {scraps from the back of paper packs} down to 2.5" x 5" and simply wrapping the ribbon around and securing with a straight pin! {I did punch a hole in the top because I didn't know if I would be hanging these or just keep them in this old drawer!} 
There will be more to come over the next while, as this is my SEPTEMBER project! If you have any storage/organization ideas that you could not live without {or, wish you had done/to do} in your Scrappy Room...pass it along!



  1. whaaa?! your storage system is awesome!! thanks for sharing :)

  2. Jazz this is a great idea. As you know I have so many scraps, I'd probably need 6 bins,lol. This would work so much better when going thru my jumbled box of scraps to see if I have a colour I'm wanting to use. Usually I just give up and cut a new sheet of paper. Thanks for sharing the idea.


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