Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Art of Wild Abandonment!

I always get a little excited when something actually comes out of 'wasting time' on the Internet...{I am SO GUILTY of this....the wasting time part} Anyway, I was surfing the web and came across Junelle {Jacobson} and Christy {Tomlinson}'s  MIXED MEDIA class, The Art of WILD ABANDONMENT.  Now, I had been toying with Mixed Media for a bit, had taken a Great Class with Linda Heavens at my Local Scrapbooking Store and became quickly addicted.  So, when I saw the AMAZING technique that was being taught in the class {The Art of Wild Abandonment}, I knew I had to give it a go - and signed up!
I LOVE it... It is a 3 week course and you start with sketching - which I don't do enough of, but this has really lit a fire...
We started with {sketching} Radishes {just basic shapes - circle} and then working a bit with watercolour pastels.
{here are mine}
Now I am working on the next step {stay tuned}...OWLS & CUPCAKES
It is definitely taking me longer than the '3 week' course, but I am not working on it every day {something about there being more to life than 'art' - ugh}, and I hope to be finished The Art of Wild Abandonment 1 by the middle/end of November...and start the new Art of Wild Abandonment 2 now being offered by the gals in December...


  1. Sounds fun!!! And great work so far! I look forward to seeing what else you do in the class. :)

  2. I really like it! Beautiful lines! I can't draw at all so my mixed media projects mostly have paint and paper cuttings- I really admire scrappers who can switch from their own patterns and drawings to those provided by other designers- great work!

  3. Sounds like a fun class, love your drawings! I want to start doing some mixed media, but my drawing skills are all about the stick figure. Guess a class wouldn't hurt! Will be fun to see your owls and cupcakes!

  4. Love your drawings! Who knew how cute radishes could be?! I hope you continue to enjoy your class. It looks like fun.

  5. Your drawings are so much fun! Enjoy your class

  6. Your radishes look great Jazz. Can't wait to see your owls & cupcakes. I know what you mean about life getting in the way of art!


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