Thursday, 28 March 2013

Random Letter & Number Organization

Okay so we're all guilty of it... we pull out chipboard letter, lay them on our layout, and then decide not to use them... at least I am guilty of this {please tell me I'm not alone}.  Then when you go to stick them BACK onto their packaging, they won't {stick} - especially Thickers {I LOVE this about them, honestly, I love it that I can stick them on my layout and not have to worry about ripping the paper when I pull them off... call me crazy, but I don't mind taking my MS Glue Pen to them to get them to {actually} stick!}

ANYWAY... back to the topic - So, WHAT do you do with those random letters & numbers? How do you store them.  I USED to store them {all together} in a ziploc bag...never to be used again. BUT THEN I switched to this wonderful idea... FLASH CARDS!
I created pockets with random {leftover from a different project} envelopes and flashcards/alphabet books.
I found two letter/alphabet books at a local Thrift Store for less than 25 cents {you need two because you need the FRONT AND BACK of each page}.  I then cut out the pages.  I sealed up the envelope and then cut off the top to the size I needed {they are stored in a recollections 4-drawer day I will get pics of my scrappy room day}
Then I cut the page down to size, adhered the two pieces together and...
rounded the top corners... they sort-of resemble a LARGE library card pocket.  
FOR THE {RANDOM} NUMBERS I did the same thing, only on a smaller scale {due to the size of the flash cards}
They work perfect - and now that they are all separated they are much easier to FIND to USE!!

Enjoy your day!


  1. No you're not alone with the chipboard letters :-) I can never decide which ones to use and change my mind at least 3 times on each layout. Love your idea to storage those letters!

  2. Fun storage idea! I always just shove them back in the plastic packet, and they sprinkle out on me when I open it again - doh! x

  3. Great idea! I keep them all in a glass mason jar and sift through until I find what I'm looking for. LOL!

  4. This is a great idea. My niece would love it

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