Friday, 19 April 2013

Extreme Makeover - SCRAPBOOK Edition!

You know how it goes, you look through your finished Scrapbook Pages - and think - who made these, ugh. Well, when I get that feeling, I give the page a 'facelift'... sometimes a complete overhaul. Quite sometime ago, I had scrapped this 12x12 layout of my oldest, adorable nephew - BUCK-O.
{original layout}
 It was not a matter of liking or disliking this layout... it came down to size, the books that I have for my niece and two crazy nephews are 8.5x8.5 and 8x8 - I wanted this layout in his, but it wouldn't fit, so I decided on a re-do.  
 I wanted to keep the colour scheme, title and other bits and pieces the same {or similar}...So, as you can see, I made the sun a little 'brighter' and the title a little 'tighter'.  I kept the vintage, floral button, the metal ring and the same letters for the word WORLD.  I have condensed and hidden the journaling on that small tag and slightly cropped the picture.

So, do you every give your layouts a nip and tuck??



  1. I haven't redone a scrapbook pages before, but love how you did this one. You kept the essence of the old one, but still updated the page. I love the mosaic sun on the new page.

  2. I love the redo, since it brings his picture to the forefront. I've updated two layouts before. There's a lot more that I've wanted to change!

  3. love the redo! i have to say i have never redone a layout before but i totally understand why you would - wanting it to fit in a certain album. great job

  4. I've redone a couple of pages over the years. I love what you did. It's a very sweet page.

  5. Great redo! I have totally done the redo! Haha!

  6. Both layouts are great! I really love the sort of mosaic way you created the sun on the 8x8!! I have re-vamped a few layouts recently in an 8x8 Santa album. :) Evie

  7. Love the redo, I don't have time to scrap the photos I have so I haven't gone back to rescrap my older layouts :)

  8. Great titles, sweet picture and sun.

  9. I love the new page! I do make overs sometimes too.

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